Outfox the Fox

Let me be clear-I’ve never hunted in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, other than a water gun, I’ve never held a gun in my hand. Indeed, I’m rather confused and ambivalent about the whole topic of hunting. I get the need to control certain species populations and I also understand how those with a deep affection for animals find the sport repulsive.

And yet, now in Omaha, NE, I’m hunting and it isn’t going very well. I’m hunting for a place to call “home” and I swear it has to be easier to hunt big game in Africa than it is to find a house. We’ve done all of the pre-hunting tasks: We’ve mapped out the area; we’ve secured the right tools-the bests agents in the area- and we’ve baited the city by asking other agents and residents for ideal listings to see. Yet, we sit in corporate housing. I relate to how hunters return home with heads hung low with less gait after investing so many resources into the “big get.” It’s a bit deflating, yet the desire for the prize remains.

Today as I go back out into the market for another day of house hunting, I’ve decided  to employ the strategy of outfoxing the fox. I’ve gotten real clear about the features we need in a house, the investment we wish to make and the location we desire. I’m gonna get this thing. This old fox is going to outfox the fox and come back with a contract in hand.

Wish me happy hunting!

Copyright. June 2015. Linda Leier Thomason.

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