…and blest be my rock!

Psalm 18:47

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason-Antigua

When I hike in the mountainous terrain, I often stop by rocky areas along the path to touch the strength in the hardness of thick stones. Sometimes I sit down beside these rugged shapes, other times I hide beneath their sheltering outcrops when sudden rainstorms arrive.

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason-Omaha, NE

I sense a kinship with rock when my hand rests upon it. Something comforting about the sturdiness and immovability of the boulders elicits courage and hope in my spirit.

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason-Washington Island, Wisconsin

No wonder the psalmist refers to God as a rock. Stones are, after all, some of the oldest and most durable substances on our planet. How appropriate that this Ancient One would be described as being our rock of enduring love, the one who girds us “with strength” (Psalm 18:33).

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason-Kintyre, North Dakota

When our situations are especially shaky, or the foundations of our faith feel like mush, we can call upon this resilient presence for strength to see us us through our weakened state.

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason-Clear Lake, Iowa

Author: Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M