Chicken Woman Microwaves an Egg

If you read the “About” page, you know my Citizen’s Band (CB) handle as a kid on my parents’ North Dakota farm was “Chicken Woman.”

Credit: Michael Laven
Credit: Michael Laven

This because I typically fed the chickens twice daily, collected, washed and sold the eggs. Neighbors relied on me for their fresh eggs and some even bought hens to feed their families.

However, it wasn’t until listening to a fellow therapy pool user that I learned one can microwave eggs. I truly am a traditional, a.k.a. old-fashioned, cook who wasn’t aware of this kitchen short cut. Now I’ve been practicing.

2 scrambled eggs with veggies and salsa made in microwave

 microwaved eggsI scrambled 2 eggs (Ken’s portion) into a microwave safe bowl and added fresh veggies I had on hand: onions, mushrooms and mini sweet peppers, along with some pepper and a bit of milk and tablespoon of salsa. I know he doesn’t like his scrambled eggs dry, so I heated for 15 seconds and then stirred and placed back in the microwave for more 15 second intervals, until the eggs were the ideal consistency. Quick, easy, nutritious…and I snuck the vegetables in too. Use whatever fresh veggies you have available and this can also be made with egg whites only–the way I prefer them.

Chicken Woman is microwaving her eggs…she’s a modern woman!

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