Filling Our Stone Jars

Now there were six stone jars there for Jewish ceremonial washings…John 2:6

There’s a familiar saying: “Tell God your plans, Then hear God laugh.”

I think of this in relation to the gospel today. Everyone had gathered for a wedding. Those who planned the gala event filled six stone jars of water so the guests could follow the custom of washing their hands before the bread was blessed

What the planners never dreamt is that those six jars of water would become filled with wine.

That’s how it often goes in our lives too. We set out the stone jar of our day and play to fill it with all sorts of things. Then our plans slowly, or quickly, fall apart wit interruptions and uncontrolled events.

My first reponse when this happens is to feel impatient or irritated. But when I pause and remember I am not the ultimate planner, I can usually find the wine of blessing hidden in foiled endeavors.

Surprising God, keep my mind and heart open to the unexpected ways you manifest in my life.

Author: Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.

Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions January 17th.

January 2021.