Healthy, Holy Grieving

How long will you grieve for Saul, whom I have rejected as king of Israel? 1 Samuel 16:1

GRIEF IS INEVITABLE for the losing party in a competition. It may appear as opposition (Well, if we didn’t win we’ll make sure you won’t be successful either), self-debasement (We made a lot of mistakes, and we have to work harder) or flat denial (We’ll win this one on appeal), but it’s just bitter grief.

Grief is natural, to be respected, but it reminds us that we do not control life and death.

Just as we cannot indefinitely maintain the lives of those who have died, God can bring forth new life, even from the dead. Eventually God will nudge us to accept life as it currently stands, because if we do, we will witness the blessings he has in mind.

Lord, do not let my grief grow into anger and jealousy, but let it open me to live more fully in your kingdom.

Author: Julia DiSalvo

Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions January 19

January 2021