Holy Memories

MEMORIES ARE LIKE fingerprints: No two have exactly the same configuration of whorls and creases.

Yet in sharing insights gleaned from our own personal history or from our observation of the action of others, we find that no matter how different the situations, we share a common humanity.

The Bible is a good example of this principle.

Our urban, motorized, techno-crazed life couldn’t be more different from the lives of nomads and exiles, shepherds and fishermen, citizens of empires and theocracies.

Yet, that collection of stories and sermons, which could be dubbed The Book of Holy Memories, is the world’s greatest source of insight, inspiration and hope…

The Bible as a book of memories captures our imagination, tames it and teaches it the truth.

Fr. Roger A. Swenson Prayer and Remembrance

Exodus 32:7-14 Psalm 106: 19-23 John 5:31-47


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