Breakfast Egg Rolls


  • Eggs
  • Dried Parsley, Garlic Salt and Pepper
  • Oil for pan
  • Sun dried tomato paste
  • Tortilla shells
  • Fresh chopped mushrooms
  • Feta cheese
  • Fried bacon pieces
  • Finely chopped mini sweet peppers
  • NOTE: Add whatever you’d like to your eggs. I use what I have available and have also used ham, black olives, canned mushrooms and cilantro.
  • NOTE: Don’t overload the egg or it will be difficult to keep all the ingredients in the roll
  • NOTE: The more eggs you use per roll, the larger the tortilla shell needs to be. I use two eggs with a small flour tortilla.
  • NOTE: I put sun-ripened dried tomatoes (in oil) in a food processor to make the paste since I usually keep this in my pantry or refrigerator. You can also buy sun dried tomato paste and use this.


  1. Beat eggs. Add dried parsley, garlic salt and pepper.
  2. Spread paste on tortilla shells and set aside. Make sure to spread to the edges.
  3. Heat oil in pan.
  4. Put eggs in pan, moving them around into a circular shape near equal to the size of the tortilla you’re using
  5. Add your chopped ingredients on top of the eggs (mushroom, cheese, bacon peppers). Do not overload these ingredients.
  6. Place the tortilla shell with paste on top of the eggs. Use your hand to slightly press into onto the eggs so it affixes or sticks to the eggs.
  7. When eggs likely done (30 seconds to a minute), turn over with eggs on top and tortilla shell on bottom.
  8. Cook until shell slightly browned.
  9. Cool slightly on plate.
  10. Start the next roll by repeating this process.
  11. Roll the slightly cooled eggs into a tortilla.
  12. Make multiple rolls.
  13. Great for snacks or lunch the next day.

Source (original and greatly modified): Nadiya’s Time to Eat Netflix Season 1: Episode 1.

Photography: Linda Leier Thomason

July 2020.