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  • $25/for one
  • $40/for two
  • $65/for three
  • $75/for four


All Sales Final.

Once a tile is sold, it will be removed.

If you experience any payment difficulties. Send a message and we’ll be glad to get in touch with you.

Product Details

Images photographed and copyrighted by Linda Leier Thomason are placed on 8×8 lightweight tiles that are just under an inch thick.

There’s a sticky strip on the back of the tile. Peel off the protective paper and stick them on the wall. Does not damage walls and easy to re-group and move around.


Linda's Gallery Tiles
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#1 Dainty White
#2 Butterfly
#3 Carolina Color
#4 Crossing Into Fall 1
#5 Crossing Into Fall 2
#6 Unique Bloom
SOLD#7 Speckled
#8 Orange
#9 Hawaiian Bloom
#10 Pretty Peach
#11 Zinnia
SOLD #12 Rose
#13 Fragile
#14 Floral Grouping Sample-You Choose the 4 You Love & Arrange As You Prefer

SOLD #15 Happiness
SOLD #16 Fall Leaves
SOLD #17 Golden Fall
#18 Pines
#19 Fall Sample Grouping 1-You Choose the 4 You Love & Arrange As You Prefer.
#20 Fall Sample Grouping 2-You Choose the 4 You Love & Arrange As You Prefer.

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