What is a Healthy Family?

How healthy is your family?

Does it need a Check-Up?

The following Checklist was distributed by Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Inc.

  • Do your family members communicate their feelings?
  • Does your family share some leisure time together?
  • Do your family members trust one another?
  • Do your family members both respect and recognize each other’s personal boundaries?
  • Does your family share household responsibilities?
  • Does your family affirm and support each member?
  • Does your family admit to and seek help when there is a problem?

If you answered “NO” to 1 or more of these questions, consider contacting a counselor or Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska’s Central Intake office at 855.659.2706.

What is a Healthy Family?

All of us are part of a family in one form or another. Every person in a family is interdependent on every other family member. Today, we are learning more about what makes a healthy family…not a perfect family.

A healthy family is flexible. The individuals are constantly growing and changing. There’s spontaneity. People can laugh, and they can cry.

The more uptight and rigid the family structure is, the less room there is for growth and individuality. A healthy family encourages independence. It’s not so rigid that people can’t be individuals or test different ways of behaving.

In healthy families, a caring, respectful relationship between mother and father is the traditional model. In single-parent families, mothers or fathers should nurture adult relationships that give children caring support.

Problems Exist-But So Do Solutions

Healthy families have problems from time to time, but no family member questions if he/she is loved and valued. There may be plenty of conflict and difference of opinion, but the underlying message is always: This is a safe place to talk about your feelings, express needs and say what you think. Everybody in the family gets a chance to talk. Everybody.

Families Need Nurturing

Nurturing our families takes commitment, cooperation and open communication. Whether playing, worshipping, celebrating or taking responsibility for some individual tasks, each of us has something positive to offer. We are each a unique part of this special team…our family.

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