Are You a Tourist or a Traveler in Your Life?

Who’s in charge of your life?

The tourist or the traveler?

Most of us are both-tourists and travelers in life.

Which one are you most often? Which do you want to be? Why?


Tourist                                                         Traveler

Focuses on Destination                                          Allows journey to address them

Sticks to deadlines and schedules                       Knows importance of waiting

Visits major attractions                                          Visits unexpected places

Accumulates souvenirs                                           Cherishes the gift & giver

Catches Polaroid glimpses                                     Sees the fuller picture

Travels in groups                                                      Travels in relationships & with                                                                                                                         child within

Returns home the same                                        Is never ever the same again

Sticks to footpath                                                   Dares to travel side streets

We fluctuate between these two roles in our lives. Try to understand why. Which role are you most comfortable in? Do you want to stay in this role, or are you willing to step across and try something new? A new way of thinking and being? Thoughts determine actions.

Slow down. BREATHE. Prioritize. Calm down your spirit, mind and heart. What matters most in your life? Who needs more of your attention? How much is enough? Having a good life has more to do with experiencing than having. What makes you happy?

If given a chance, wouldn’t you rather enjoy the journey rather than arriving breathless at the destination? The secret in life is to discover your purpose. Why do you awaken each day?

Make an effort to delve into the experience rather than just coast through it. Feel it. See it. Remember it. Arrive and leave different because of it. Reduce the noise in your life. Have those longed-for courageous conversations with people. Avoid being superficial. Get real. Be real.

Keep your childlike wonder. Skip in the rain. Marvel at the sunset. Notice the plants in bloom. Spend less time on-line and more time alive, awake and alert.

Create a sense of direction in your life. Try different routes and paths. What’s different this way? Was the process that much different? Was it better? How different is the outcome? Is your thought process different? Has your mind expanded? Are your options greater? Do you like this direction you’re heading? Will you try it again?

The freedom to choose which role we play-tourist or traveler-as we navigate life is our greatest possession. Be in charge of your choices. Makes conscious decisions.

Purposely commit to be a better version of yourself.

Our lives change when our habits change.

Are yours the habits of the tourist or the traveler?

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