Are You Stuck & Is Your Attitude to Blame?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you discouraged?

Is your attitude holding you back?

9 Attitudes that may be holding you back from living life to its fullest.

How is your life improved by acknowledging an attitude holding you back?

Which attitude can you work on improving today?


Being in control of all behavior, emotions, situations and interactions. Can’t ask for help and don’t know how to. Try letting GO. Learn to be more cooperative and strive to work well with others. Share responsibility. Ease the burden on yourself by letting go of control.


Always being right and doing the right thing. If you can’t do it perfectly, you’re not doing it at all. Perfectionists are hard to work alongside. What happens if something is less than perfect? Does the project fail? Do you stress out? Attempt the ideal, not the perfect. Allow yourself to make a mistake and tell yourself it’s okay.


If something doesn’t happen as you planned, blaming yourself or someone else. You are very hard to please. Try a mind shift. What was learned through the failure? Can you see the humor in it? How can it be improved next time? Own your part.


Denying feelings, especially the negative or vulnerable ones like anxiety, fear, loneliness, anger, grief, rejection, doubt and need. Even if you deny your feelings, they are still present. Sit in stillness. Feel. Get real. Share. Take ownership.


Living from sets of unchanging beliefs about yourself, others, God, the world. Rigidity keeps one stuck in the same place. Try to be open to the viewpoints and actions of others. Learn from them. Take the pressure off yourself. Live a little! Enjoy the moment. Softening your edges invites new people and experiences into your life. Laugh at yourself. Remember, no one can get close to you, if you’re too serious, always. Interact with people who relax you simply by their presence.


Distancing yourself from life experiences by rationalizing and “going into your head.” You over think. You build a bubble around yourself and forget to feel and experience. “Paralysis by analysis” is real. Being too much in one’s head is growth stunting. Take a risk. Trust your own gut and instincts.


Avoiding staying with life experience by always keeping busy and taking care of things and other people.  What are you avoiding with your busyness? What happens when you are still and alone? Can you stand yourself? Plan some “still” time and get to know yourself. Identify an uncluttered hiding place where your body and mind/soul can catch up with one another. Make time for reflection in your life.


Forgetting about bodily needs and sensations, not taking care of your own needs, physical and emotional health. What is gained by avoiding care of yourself? Nothing. It is not sinful or conceited to take care of your body or appearance, or your spirit and soul. You matter. Take care of you. Identify someone you can lean on who will tell you when you need to take care of you.


Being driven by your own particular sinfulness, like addictions (work, alcohol, drug, pornography, computer, social media, etc.) Compulsive behaviors destroy lives and relationships. If you are struggling with addiction, seek help and counsel. You matter. Take care of you.

Count your blessings and your successes.

Gently write down the attitudes that get in your way and rob you from being at peace with yourself. Fast from these.


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