12 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Clean, Well-Maintained Homes Sell Faster

saleHomes that appear “move in ready” always attract the greatest number of potential buyers and sell quickest. When you meet with a real estate agent to sign a listing agreement, she will take a tour of your home and together you will decide what repairs, if any, need to be completed before putting your home on the market. She will also suggest other ways to stage your home so that potential buyers can envision it as theirs. Working together you will achieve your desired financial return on your timeline.

Doing these will sell your home faster:

  1. Remove personal effects like family photos, heirlooms and memorabilia. It’s true. Buyers want to picture themselves in your space. Don’t distract them with your personal effects.
  2. Clear clutter to make countertops, cabinets, pantries, closets, storage areas and garages appear larger. Box up and store items not needed during the home sale. Short of space? Rent a storage unit. Clearing out items before listing your house is a great way to prepare for moving. Organize closets by clothing type and color. Button and face shirts in the same direction. Line up shoes. Turn coffee cup handles the same way. Stack plates and food containers according to size.
  3. Remove unnecessary bulky furniture. Only leave enough pieces so buyers can identify the purpose of the room.
  4. Keep the grass mowed and edged. Plant seasonal flowers and trim hedges, trees and bushes. Place a pot of yellow or red flowers near the front entrance. Look at your house from the curb. Does the front door need painting or replacement? Is the house number visible? Are the windows clean?
  5. Repair any broken items, both inside and out. Make sure all doors and drawers open and close easily, and without squeaking. Fix any leaks or drips.
  6. Scrub and possibly stain grout. Caulk where needed.
  7. Clean all surfaces and mirrors, including mantles and fan blades. Replace shower curtains and rugs. Remove rings from toilet bowls. Replace worn bedspreads.
  8. Apply fresh paint, where needed. Keep paint color neutral. Paint over bold walls. Wipe baseboards. Remove cobwebs.
  9. Replace burned out bulbs, clean the furnace and water heater, and replace filters.
  10. Make sure the home smells good. Avoid strong fragrances to cover up pet or food odors. Some buyers may be sensitive to smells. Pour vinegar in drains.
  11. Keep empty hampers in each bedroom and the family room. When a showing is scheduled, place all items on the floor in the hampers and take them with you.
  12. Remove and replace certain items you don’t want included in the sale before the first showing.

Any of these 10 will hurt your home sale:

  1. Being present during a showing
  2. Stray or warped roofing shingles-leaky roof
  3. Cracked sidewalks and driveways
  4. Outdated countertops,cabinets and appliances
  5. Smoke, mildew or pet odor in house
  6. Poor quality flooring and stained or torn carpeting
  7. Sagging gutters
  8. Poor or tacky lighting fixtures
  9. Dents or holes in walls
  10. Mold, including in the refrigerator and bathroom


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