10 Wedding No-Nos

noUnderstand the Dos and Dont’s of Wedding Planning

Few couples conform to all the traditional rules of wedding etiquette anymore; however, there are still some faux pas to avoid.

Here’s a list of 10

  1. Hand write your invitations and thank you cards-no computer generated mailing labels.
  2. NEVER list your gift registry on the wedding invitation. Let family and friends communicate this. Registry information may be printed on bridal shower invitations.
  3. Always place stamps on RSVP envelopes.
  4. Avoid a cash bar. If you’re serving alcohol. Pay for it. Limit selections and length of service to reduce expense.
  5. Tip your vendors and service providers so they don’t have to put up a tip jar.
  6. Refrain from smashing cake in each other’s faces. You’re wearing the dress of your dreams and paid for professional hair and make-up. Do you really want icing on your dress and face?
  7. Limit toasts to 3 minutes or under and ask toasters to keep content tasteful and void of wild escapade stories.
  8. If you’re inviting a single friend and her date, get his name and send him his own invitation. Don’t write “and date” on the envelope and don’t feel obligated to invite a date for single guests. Weddings are a great way to meet other singles.
  9. Respect your guests and don’t show up drunk or noticeably hung over to any wedding events. At the very least, it makes a bad impression.
  10. Never change your mind after asking someone to be in the bridal party. If an attendant becomes difficult during the planning, sit down and speak to her and if she decides to opt out of the bridal party, it is her decision, not yours.

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