What Do Moms and the Groom Wear to the Wedding?

Choosing Dresses and Formalwear

Mother-of-the-Bride and Mother-of-the-Groom

Who Picks Her Dress First?

Traditionally the Mother-of-the-Bride picks her outfit first. What she wears C n C wedding August 2015 070should be dignified, yet stylish and figure flattering. Before she begins shopping, she should talk to the groom’s mother and agree on complementary colors. The style and length of dress should match the wedding and complement the bridesmaid’s dresses. Black and white should be avoided unless it is a black and white themed wedding.

Guests will contact mothers to determine what she is wearing (length, color and formality) and will use this as a cue to what they should wear. In other words, moms are setting the wedding style standard for guests.

Remember to order flowers for all mothers. Choices include: hand-tied bouquet, wrist or chest corsage, nosegay or a floral bracelet.


Aflac Jan 15 meeting Omaha 004Of course you want your man looking his finest on the wedding day, but you both feel intimated by formalwear stores. Relax. The store associates are professionals accustomed to first-time customers. Come prepared with the number of men who need formalwear, the ceremony and reception times, the wedding style, color and theme. Oh, and bring the groom along too.

Formalwear Terms & Definitions

  • Ascot-broad necked scarf looped under the chin and fastened with a tie tack or stick pin.
  • Black Tie-worn for evening formalwear, the jacket, trousers, bow tie, and vest or cummerbund are all black, or charcoal gray.
  • Shawl Collar-there is no cut in the lapel, creating a rounded effect.
  • Notched-a triangular piece in the lapel is cut at the collar line and points outward.
  • Double-Breasted-a coat with two rows of vertical buttons, one to close the front and one for accent.
  • Dinner Jacket-a tuxedo cut jacket in white or ivory worn with black satin-striped trousers.
  • Cutaway Coat-a long coat that tapers from the waistline button to one broad tail in the back, with a vent.
  • Single-Breasted-a coat with a single vertical row of buttons to close the front.
  • Tails-formal coat that is short in front and extends to two tails in the back.

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