Generational Problem Solving

“Hey Mom, bring a pot up here,” yelled Alex from his upstairs bedroom.

“Why?” I asked, knowing he was attempting to disassemble a bed frame in preparation for our move.

“I just watched a video on how to take the frame apart, and I need it.” Okay, that’s interesting.

I start laughing aloud for two reasons:

  1. Problem Solving. I’ve never logged onto YouTube to solve problems. At 20 years old, this is a top-of-the-list source for him. What a glaring generational difference. It’s amusing to me.
  2.  Problem Solution. The demonstration showed how to bang the kettle on the frame joints to loosen them. Clever.

It worked! I’m a believer. Now, if YouTube could only come load our items, drive them to our next location and unpack them.

Copyright. May 2015. Linda Leier Thomason.

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