Polenta: How Do You Serve It?

Traveling through Mexico I was re-introduced to Polenta-a wonderful cholesterol and gluten free food made from ground cornmeal that is then boiled in water to make a porridge-like substance. It is very similar in texture to grits, which were quite popular when we lived in the south. Phone images may 4 2015 001

Back in South Dakota however, it was just a bit more difficult to find. Some days it’s next to the Tofu in the organic produce area and on the next trip it’s in the Health Market area. I think the grocer is still trying to figure out its identity.

I haven’t yet bought it in the dry version. Instead, I buy these tubes of sun-dried tomato and ranch polenta.  If you haven’t tried Polenta lately, get some and try it. Let me know what you think of the texture and flavor and how you prepare it.

Here’s how I’ve prepared and served it:

Initially I drizzled some olive oil in a pan, cut thick slices and lightly fried on each side. I served it with a leafy green and roma tomato salad and a side of cooked collard greens.Food, Etc April 2015 from phone 002

Next time I sauteed fresh vegetables I typically have in my crisper: baby Portabella mushrooms and red onions and then added the polenta slices to the pan.

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