Thoughts for the Day: Part 1

“Coincidence is just God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Goldfinch p. 1217

“There is a distinction between having a child and raising a child.” Iylana-Fix My Life.

“A Man is Who His Mother Makes Him to Be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Time helps you choose the memories you want to hold on to.” Andie McDowell, Cedar Cove, Season 1, Episode 7: 32.

“What makes a song beautiful isn’t always the quality of the voice but the distance it has had to travel.” Movie, “Unfinished Song.

“You are nothing to me, until you are everything.” Amy Adams, “American Hustle” movie.

..”Amazing how the absence of something could be more startling than its presence had ever been.” The Lost Art of Mixing, pp. 218-219, Erica Bauermeister.

p. 206: “Families were like puzzles; in the end, there were only so many shapes, and so many places to put them in-otherwise you just had a bunch of pieces.”

p. 207: “There’s a difference between taking care of and caring for.”

“Logic and intelligence have no power over fear.” When in Doubt, Add Butter ,p 356, Beth Harbison

p. 82: “The strongest mood in the house always wins, it’s just the universal law.”

p. 221: “The problem is knowing what you are doing wrong and getting it right don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.”

p. 338…”Real love is not just kissing and laughing. It’s getting through the hardest times together.”

“Waiting is a dying art. We seem to have lost the deeper pleasure of leaving and returning.” Wife 22, p. 79, Melanie Gideon

p. 138: “The dangers in life are infinite and among them is safety.”

Inside book cover jacket: “As it turns out, confession can be a very powerful aphrodisiac.”

What verse, quote, sonnet or poem makes you stop and think? Do share.

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