Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop

Omaha June 2015 House Hunting 047Less than 12 hours after watching my husband Ken sign a purchase agreement on a house in our new home city-Omaha, Nebraska-it dawned on me that my family has been living a life of “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” We need to change that. Rather than battle life, the Thomason trio needs to begin enjoying life, starting today.

It’s true. Since moving to the Midwest in 2009, we’ve had our share of challenges on many fronts: employment, health, housing and family. Yet, through it all, we’ve endured and remained intact as a family unit. As a parent, what matters most to me is that Alex, our 20-year-old son, sees us navigate these hurdles with willpower and grace. Knowing one can overcome challenges instills confidence and fearlessness; both attributes will guide him through his own life journey.

Last night while waiting for our outstanding real estate agent to arrive with the paperwork, the three of us walked around the house, checked out the landscaping and discussed immediate home improvements.  Omaha June 2015 House Hunting 009Then Megan arrived with pep in her step and asks, “Are you all excited?” No one responded. I jumped in and explained we are not an excitable trio; we’re pretty flatlined folks. It’s not that we don’t experience pleasure or delight, rather it’s that we are not demonstrative about it. Yet, during the remainder of our time there, I did wonder about the lack of excitement. Had the challenges worn us completely down and stripped all the joy from us individually and as a unit? I hope not!

Omaha June 2015 House Hunting 006
Alex checking out view from back porch.

It’s my mission to pitch the idea of new beginnings to the number crunching men in my trio. To instill the need to celebrate and to feel and experience joy while bidding farewell to “waiting for the other shoe to drop” approach to each day.

Omaha June 2015 House Hunting 034
Megan’s upright shoes at new house.

Copyright. June 2015. Linda Leier Thomason.

It starts tonight.

We’re heading to the final game of the College World Series-a battle on the playing field, not in our lives.

It’s a new beginning and we’re celebrating!

And, gosh darn it, we’re going to be joyous about it.

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