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South Dakota has fantastic parks and I’m fortunate to have friends who share my love of the outdoors, including Marty. martyTogether we’ve visited Arrowhead Park in Sioux Falls and Palisades State Park, Split Rock Park and Devil’s Gulch in Garretson, South Dakota.  While in Garretson, be sure to lunch at Annie’s, shop Main Street and visit the museum and library (call ahead for hours). Stop in at Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping near Brandon, SD, even if you’re not planting. The colors, scents and displays are good for the senses and one’s soul.

Depends on one's perspective. No vehicle in sight & we got a case of the giggles.
Depends on one’s perspective. No vehicle in sight & we got a case of the giggles.
Palisades State Park April '15
Palisades State Park April ’15
Oakridge Nursery Brandon, SD
Oakridge Nursery Brandon, SD
Crabapple tree fragrant & colorful blossoms
Crabapple tree fragrant & colorful blossoms

Explore both national and state parks in South Dakota

Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping

A Bit About Marty

New to Sioux Falls and wanting to continue student mentoring, I went to the nearest elementary school and was assigned to two students in her second grade classroom. When one hears, “You get more from mentoring than you give,” it’s spot on. I learn and grow from my mentees, but in this case, I got a lifelong friend in Marty. From my perspective, we just clicked. She retired and now mentors too. We share coffee, tales, laughs, worries and a love of nature and children. Everyone needs a friend like Marty to go parking with.

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  1. The bicycle caught my eye. A similar bike was on my husband’s family farm when I moved here in 1971. I rode it for fun and gave my twins rides at the same time with a seat in front and also one on the back. It originally belonged to my husband’s sister who got it as a child. Two years ago my husband restored it and gave it back to her. I nice gift to receive when you are 62 years old.

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