6 Ways to Share Your Happy Engagment News

Social Media is Not First


There is a proper way to announce your engagement.

She said, “YES!”

  1. Brides parents. If the brides’ father was not asked for her hand in marriage or the bride’s parents were not asked for their blessing-a fading, but still admirable, tradition-they should be told first. If they’ve never met the fiance, arrange an in-person meeting soon after the engagement.
  2. Groom tells his parents, ideally in person.
  3. Groom’s mother welcomes bride. It is traditional for the mother-of-the-groom to write a note to the bride expressing her happiness and welcoming the bride to the family.
  4. Groom’s mother contacts bride’s family. She writes a note to the bride’s family expressing her joy and suggesting a meeting, perhaps over dinner. If this is not possible, a telephone call or video chat discussing the engagement and upcoming wedding is proper. If she does not initiate a phone call, letter, video chat or meeting, the couple should initiate these.
  5. Friends. The announcement to your friends should come from the couple. This may be done via phone, social media or video chat.
  6. Engagement Party. This is typically hosted by the bride’s parents. During the party, toasts are made by the bride’s father, groom’s father and anyone else who’d like to share. If there is a party in your honor, send a thank you note or flowers to the host/hostess afterwards. Gifts for the couple are not expected at engagement parties. If someone presents one tfloo you, be certain to send a timely hand-written thank you note.

Share this with recently engaged couple. Congratulations & Best Wishes!

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