Say “I Do” in a Church with a Personalized Ceremony

Follow the Church Rules


Find a Justice of the Peace


 Have a Civil Ceremony

Most houses of worship don’t offer a lot of leeway in wedding ceremonies. Over time, churches and synagogues have published written guidelines and rule books and expect couples to adhere or plan a civil ceremony with a Justice of the Peace (JP) instead.

Think beyond writing your own vows (actually quite challenging) when seeking ways to personalize your ceremony.

10  Ways to Personalize the Ceremony 

  1. Have mothers carry flowers that grandmothers carried at their weddings.
  2. Ask Godparents to do the readings during the church service. Ask the minister if you can administer communion.
  3. Let your nieces and nephews hand out the wedding programs.
  4. Hire the children’s choir from the local elementary school you attended or ask the children’s choir at the church to sing before the ceremony.
  5. Carry a family bible, an heirloom handkerchief, or a deceased family member’s rosary or prayer beads.
  6. Ask each mother to light one of the tapers on the unity candle before she’s seated. During the ceremony the bride and groom use those tapers to light the center pillar candle as a symbol of family unity.Wisconsin Sept 2015 inc Haley wedding 012
  7. Allow the groom or other talented family member to sing the Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony.
  8. Ask your brothers to light the altar candles prior to the seating of the honored guests.
  9. Have the officiant read a Parents Blessing written by both sets of parents in advance of the ceremony.
  10. Greet guests as they leave the ceremony instead of at the reception. Or, dismiss guests by row, greeting each guest as (s)he departs from front to back.

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