How to Address Wedding Invitations & When to Send

How to Address Wedding Invitations and When to Send Them?

inBest advice-plan ahead.

Once ordered, invitations must be addressed, stamped and mailed by you or your calligrapher.

Out-of-state invitations are mailed 6-to-8 weeks before the wedding while in-state are mailed 4 weeks prior.

Place a stamp on an enclosed RSVP envelope.

Take a fully assembled invitation to the post office to ensure proper postage.po

Purchase stamps matching your wedding theme or tone.

Use formal names and titles on the outer envelope.

  • The only abbreviations used are Mr. Mrs. Ms. Jr. and Dr. All Others, including military ranks, are spelled out.
  • Spell out all names, including “Street” “Avenue”. Do not use symbols or abbreviations.
  • Use figures only when writing house numbers and zip codes.
  • Do not write “and family” if children are included.
  • A return address should be on the back flap of the envelope.

Inner envelopes should omit first names of the guests.

  • For example, Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • If children are invited, use their first names only, placing them in age order in a single line below the parent’s names.
  • Formal etiquette requires children over age 13 receive their own invitation.

envStuffing envelopes

  • Tissue, when used, is placed over the printed wording.
  • The reception card is placed next to the invitation with other enclosures placed in front.
  • Insert all enclosures with the printed side up.
  • The invitation is placed in the inner envelope with the folded edge first and the printed wording or cover design is facing you.
  • The inner envelope is then placed, unsealed in the outer envelope, with the front of the inner envelope facing you.

Wording for church ceremony after couple legally married by a Justice of the Peace:

The honour of your presence is requested at the reaffirmation of the wedding vows of Mr. and Mrs. (Your names) on Day of week, Month, Date, Year, Time, Location, City, State.

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